Toddler Stocking Stuffers

My kids love candy almost as much as I do. While it is fun to see how excited they get over a piece of candy, I cannot fill their stockings with sweets and feel good about it. That, and I certainly don’t want to deal with the aftermath of a toddler on a sugar high. With that being said, I put together  a list of some of my go-to stocking stuffers for my little tots.

  1. Kinetic sand. This stuff is soooo cool! My boys are obsessed with sand and this is a clean, indoor version of the stuff. It sticks together and can be shaped with molds. This means no big sandy mess all over your floor AND you can build a sandcastle inside…what could be better than that?!  Find it here: or at your local craft store.
  2. Play-doh. This is sort of an obvious one.
  3. Playfoam. This is something we recently discovered and fell in love with right away. Playfoam is this blob of tiny foam balls that sticks together. The texture is really cool and can be molded into whatever. You can leave it out and it doesn’t dry up. It’s nontoxic. It’s just fun. Until you find it in your little one’s diaper (oops), so keep your eye on the little ones with this stuff! Find it here:
  4. Sunglasses. Kids love sunglasses. Do they care that it’s the dead of winter and probably don’t have much need for them? Nope. They are still fun to wear around and mess with.
  5. Window markers. Crayola makes these awesome window markers that the kiddos can use to beautify your windows. They love it because it’s a new place to draw and create and I think they almost feel a little naughty about it. It comes right off with a little Windex.
  6. Bath crayons. I love to give my kids lots of chances to create throughout the day and bath time is no exception.
  7. New toothbrush. Pick out one with their favorite character, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by making it a little more fun for them to brush.
  8. Movies. Sometimes you just need a new movie for a rainy day, or one of the million sick days the kids have during the winter. My guys have been really into the Curious George movie. Will Farrell does the voice of the man with the yellow hat and the music is all by Jack Johnson, which brings me to the next stocking stuffer…
  9. Music. My kids LOVE new music! They dance (aka run around in circles in the family room) anytime the beat catches them! They love the Curious George soundtrack by Jack Johnson and it’s  totally tolerable for us adults that have to listen to it too! They also love anything by Raffi.
  10. Dollar store stuff!!! Go there. You can’t beat spending $1. I scored a slinky, coloring books, stickers, dinosaurs, play foam , play-doh, books, crayons….the list goes on!



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