Meet Beth

Hi there! I’m Beth. I’m a stay at home mom with an addiction to decorating, home décor and all things DIY. As a total foodie without tons of time to cook, I’m always on the hunt for recipes that are delicious but also quick and easy to put together. My sweet tooth is strong, I’m warning you now that there may be lots of dessert posts. Oh and I have to keep my kids entertained while I do all of this, so I write a little bit about that too! I really don’t consider myself a writer, so this whole website/blogging stuff is a new adventure for me. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Josie

    Beth is one of my best friends and a huge DIY inspiration for myself and my new home. Every dinner Andy and I have enjoyed at her house has been beyond delicious! and her home is so comfortable, relaxing, and nice!

  2. Amy Manson

    Hi Beth! Loving the quick and simple recipes you’ve got here! Not to mention, DELICIOUS! Look forward to your nest post!

  3. TTT

    I’m making a request for a recipe with zoodles. That isn’t bolognese. Because I know you can make me something yummy!

    1. Beth (Post author)

      I’m not familiar with zoodles, but if it’s noodles you’re after then i’m your woman! Heehee


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